Born in Porsgrunn, Telemark, May 8th, 1965.
Raised in Langesund, Telemark, Norway.
Pupil @ pianoschool when a wee boy.
Puffing bagpipes @ 10 in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.
Twanging guitar @ 12 in Stavanger, Norway.
Squeaking fiddle @ 14 in Drammen, Norway.
Pulling bass @ 15 in punk-band Takras.
Lift off @ 16 with TB-303, TR-606, stompers and Tascam 4 track tape.
Home soldered drumpads & pirate radio @ 17.
Military & Hibernation...
Uni in Trondheim.
Back in white with Geir Stensrud in TRS (The Rocket Scientists). SoundCloud.
Struggling Crumar Bit 99 synth & Cool Edit Pro.
Record zzone productions, March 1999.
zoundzone, sleeping for the moment. SoundCloud.
Messing up arctic sounds on tape with TB-303 Devil Fish mod & Akai MPC.
zzoneman makes movieclips. YouTube.
Slooow, zub-drone, ice-crunch and whale-song.
1 cylinder engine noises @ down pitched speed.
Out in wind & waves aboard Klara the wooden boat.
Staying alive, listening to riddim of the heart.
zzoneman performed @ Støy På Landet, 19th July 2014. YouTube.
Noize stuff, screaming engines and rubber tires, race cars.
Field recordings in Stornoway, Scotland. Re-born, aye!
ETG (Elektronische Tasten Gruppe), 26th June 2016. Bandcamp.
ETG performed @ Støy På Landet, 23rd July 2016.
zzoneman performed @ Støy i biblioteket 003, Deichmanske bibliotek, 28th July 2016.
Held synthesizer soundworkshop, makershub (littleBits, Volcas, Werkstatt and modular) @ Drammensbiblioteket 01st and 08th November 2016 & every second week autumn 2017.
Record zzone Prod. set up REFLEKSJON, 26th August 2017, Siloen, Drammensbiblioteket.
ETG performed @ Synthesizer Circus, Deichmanske bibliotek, 16th November 2017.
Held synthesizer soundworkshop, makershub (littleBits, Volcas, Werkstatt and modular) @ Drammensbiblioteket 17th January & monthly 2018.
ETG performed @ MultiNO !V, Hausmania, 18th January 2018.
zzoneman performed @ LilleLyd, LilleKampen kafé, 10th February 2018. YouTube.
Lytt og Se Alliansen (LSA), 11th July 2018.
0.7647 aka zzoneman & Challenged by Gravity. 22. July 2018. Bandcamp.
Record zzone Prod. / LSA set up REFLEKSJON, 24th August 2018, @ Siloen, Drammensbiblioteket. Facebook & Twitter.
zzoneman performed @ LilleLyd, LilleKampen kafé, 15th September 2018.
De 4 konkrete knirkekarer, first rehersal @ Siloen, 31st October 2018.
Held synthesizer soundworkshop, makershub (littleBits, Volcas, Werkstatt and modular) @ Drammensbiblioteket 16th January & monthly 2019.
zzoneman performed before Resurgam @ Siloen, Drammensbibliotket, 19th January 2019. Instagram.
De 4 konkrete knirkekarer performed (with guests Claus Paulsen & Dave Procter) @ Noise fra Nord V, Deichmanske bibliotek, 06th April 2019. Instagram.
zzoneman performed @ PolyFøkt, Interkulturelt Museum, 25th April 2019. Instagram.
zzoneman and Awser Derf : split cassette "girth", 20th May 2019. On Antsy records.
ijin, awser derf and zzoneman : three concerts @ Siloen, Drammensbiblioteket, 09th June 2019. Instagram & Facebook.
zzoneman performed @ Drones 'n' Noise in Drammen @ Siloen, 03rd August 2019. Intstagram I & Instagram II, Facebook I & Facebook II. Low quality Drone wav (259MB), Noise wav (183MB)
zzoneman performed @ PluraSonix @ Drammen Støyscene @ Siloen, 05th September 2019. Instagram & Facebook.
zzoneman performed with Øivind Hånes & Thomas Sundt @ HaganPagan, 14th September 2019. Instagram & Facebook.
zzoneman performed @ GummiLyd #3 @ Drammen Støyscene @ Centralen Cafe & Bar, 28th September 2019. Instagram & Facebook.

Some gear used:
Akai Pro MPK 261.
Audio-Technica AT871UG microphone.
Bastl Instruments / Casper Electronics softPop.
Boss BF-2B Bass Flanger pedal.
Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive pedal.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo (Roland).
CME Xkey Air 25.
Denon DRW-760 double cassette deck.
Digitech DOD Meatbox Sub Synth (reissue).
Electro Harmonix Canyon.
Electro Harmonix Oceans 11.
Electro Harmonix Hot Wax.
Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi.
Ensoniq SQ1.
Guyatone EM-66 tape echo.
Hitachi V-212 oscilloscope.
Korg Monotribe, modified.
Korg MS-20M, modified.
Korg SQ-1.
Korg Volca Bass, Beats, Keys, Sample, FM, Kick and Modular.
littleBits synth kits.
Mackie 1202VLZ4 mixer.
Mackie 402VLZ4 mixer.
Meguro MO-1254A oscilloscope.
Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth.
Modular Eurorack rig from Schneiders Laden, 1st. Modular Grid.
Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School.
Moog Moogerfooger CP-251 Control Processor.
Moog VX-351 CV Output Expander.
Moog Werkstatt-01, mod by D. Børresen.
Novation 49SL MKIII.
Novation Launch Control XL.
Ototo fun synth.
Pearl MM50 microphone.
Retronyms Wej.
Retrokits RK002, RK004.
Roland GW-7 Workstation.
Roland TB-303, Devil Fish mod by RWI.
Roland TR-606, Quicksilver MIDI ++ mod by RWI.
Roland TR-909, damaged.
SE 2300 microphone.
Shure PE45L microphone.
Stylophone Gen X-1 x 2.
Tascam 42B-DB tape machine x 2.
TC Electronic Nova System effects.
Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO.
Test instruments:
- Nombrex Audio Generator 30
- Philips PM 5106 LF Generator
- Wavetek Function Generator SG-1146/U

Electric guitar.
Nylon string guitar.
Bongo drums.
Wind instruments and flutes, world wide.
String and percussive instruments, world wide.
Sanyo stereo rack and turntable.
Conference call table microphones, modified.
Acoustic Laptop, made @ workshop with Tore H. Bøe.
Hydrophones, home made.
Mr. Teddy Reddy skull instrument.

Electric motorbow bass instrument (prototype).
Grand father floor clock plucking bass strings (prototype).
Egg boiler piezo hydrophone (prototype).
Car horn Lucas 12V 13W 9H 69158 E (prototype).

Ableton Live Suite.
Arturia V Collection.
iOS Virtual ANS, Blocs Wave, iMPC Pro, Animoog, Model 15, Crystaline, DIN Is Noise...
Plugins galore.